A Day to Remember

Today is Memorial Day, or as it was called in my youth, Decoration Day. It’s a day to remember our veterans, those injured or killed in the service of our country, and our dear departed loved ones. All over the United States people visit cemeteries and place flags, flowers and even fancy “grave blankets” on the resting places of the dead. My father and my husband served in the US Army. I’m very proud of them and grateful for their service. Somewhere in the albums we shipped south I have photos of them in uniform. Here’s one of my maternal grandfather who was a Navy officer and served in both WWI and WWII. He died before I was born, and although the family lore is pretty negative about him, I thank him for his service as well. As I once wrote in a poem,

I thank thee fathers past for all thy pain, Thou vital links in my eternal chain.

We live in Florida, thousand of miles from my father’s grave in the Garden of Valor in a cemetery in California and my mother’s in Maine. My in-laws are buried about 1,500 miles north in New York and New Jersey. We haven’t figured out where we want our mortal residue to rest. It doesn’t seem to matter all that much.

I just published a post in my mother’s art blog, and here’s a link for all who wish to see her striking work that blesses our home and those of many others today. Many are on display at the Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy in Sarasota. My cousin Mary owns and fills this amazing place with a fine collection of paintings, statuary and colorful crafts that must be seen to be appreciated.

Enjoy the day and remember that this is a great country that has weathered worse than what threatens us today. But climate change is real, and we all need to get serious about it or we won’t be leaving this land as good as we found it. Love to you all.


11 thoughts on “A Day to Remember

    • Thank you so much for letting me know you think of me, Ruth! I’ve been MIA from WordPress for a while with all my caregiver duties and part-time work. I must read your blog and see what you’ve been up to!

  1. Sheilagh, I’ve just checked out your mom’s artwork site – what a wonderful painter she was! I was particularly struck by the painting of you in yellow – at my parents’ house there’s a portrait of me painted by my mum when I was about 7 years old, also wearing yellow 🙂

    • How cool, we girls painted in yellow by our mums! I’d love to see yours sometime. I had to cut it down and take it off the stretcher bars when we moved, after some paint began flaking off. A shame, so I’m glad it’s preserved online! Have a lovely day!

    • Thank you so much, David! I thank you for your service 🇺🇸. I hope you have a lovey Memorial Day. I’m heading to to the hardware store for a grill, because…bbq! And to the beach, hopefully accompanied by the Mister. It’ll be good for him. 😻

  2. May it be a meaningful Memorial Day and may it also serve as a reminder for the country so many fought for, which I know many of us agree did not include having anyone above the law, pardoning war-criminals, or sowing division among Americans. May we do better and restore some sanity, civility, and respect for one another, so that bullying and hate can retreat for the weaknesses they are. Kindness is stronger. Truth is better. Humility is a more stable foundation than braggadocio and insults or calls for executing dissidents …
    Thank you to your family members for their service, and I hope that we can all make a better future for this country and turn it away from the road it’s been traveling in the last few years. Hugs, Na’ama

    • Thank you, Na’ama, for this post that is so very apropos! I need the reminder that the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff. It’s hard to hold onto that when every hour seems to bring more insanity that appears bent on destroying all that is good. At the impromptu pool party we had with our neighbors Monday a friend reminded me the pendulum swings. It always does. Going to the beach with my cousin who comes Friday. Bought the grill and, dripping, swore as I assembled the cart that they told me would just open up when I took it from the box. Hah! Shvitzing in the garage at 7pm, I abandoned the effort to make dinner on it and grilled the weenies on the indoor grill! Too scared to hook up the propane. I’ll ask a neighbor to help me later. Get that book: The Weight of Ink. I can’t put it down. ❤️

      • Will do!
        Hugs and happy-almost-working-new-grill to you …
        (don’t you hate it when they say it is ‘ready right out of the box’ and then you find they only meant that the PIECES were ready … ;))

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